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Booster Lessons

Booster Lessons are mini private lessons designed to give a “boost” with one-on-one instruction. These lessons are 20 minutes long and can be scheduled during public or freestyle sessions. Skaters may take just one lesson or schedule up to three “boost” lessons. These lessons can be used to prepare for evaluations or to work on a maneuver that skaters may be struggling with. The lessons can also be used to learn new maneuvers or to get an idea of what private lessons are all about. To sign up for booster lessons, go to the front desk at the rink.

Private Lessons

There are a few ways to arrange a private lesson:

You are welcome to come and observe our professionals and approach them directly to arrange a lesson day & time. Coaches set their own schedules. Private lessons are available during public and freestyle sessions for all levels of skaters & hockey.

A few tips to find the right coach:

There are many factors involved in selecting a coach. Some things to consider are personality, learning & teaching styles, experience, and technical know-how. You know your child and have the best idea of who might make a good fit. Keep your childs personality and needs in mind when interviewing and selecting a coach. You can find the list of coaches HERE.  You will pay the coach directly for lessons. Please contact Alena Lunin – Skating Director if any questions @

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