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Hall of Fame

We love ALL of our skaters...

...but we wanted to recognize those skaters who have excelled in some way. Select a category to see our Hall of Fame skaters:

2023 FWISC Skater Awards

FWISC Awards

Skater of the Year

Qualifying Level

Jessica Jurka


International Medalist

Andy Deng


Skater of the Year

Non-Qualifying Level

Maria Snodgrass


Most Dedicated Skaters

Qualifying level:
Claire Bergman

Gabrielle Bearman

Non-Qualifying Level:

Amanda Kaplan


International Medalist

Cayla Smith


Volunteer of the Year

Gabrielle Bearman

Champion Skaters

State Champions

Indiana State Champions

We are so proud of our FWISC skaters who were recognized as


Basic 2 - Evelyn Skeens

Basic 4 - Mary Brinkmeyer

Basic 4 Boys - Stephen Walworth

Basic 5 - Alexandria Bolin

Pre-Freeskate - Adriana Malfait

Excel High Beginner - Delilah Buss

Excel Pre-Preliminary Girls - Halle Parker

Excel Pre-Preliminary Boys - Bowen Hu

Well Balanced - Pre-Preliminary Girls - Josephine Maksimovich

Well Balanced - Pre-Preliminary Boys - Rowan Morrison

Well Balanced - Preliminary - Lillian Hinds

Adult Pre-Bronze - Gabrielle Bearman

Throwing Caps

Our 2024 Seniors

Congratulations on this milestone Grads!  We wish you a bright future!

Jillian Parrot

Graduating From - New Tech Academy at Wayne High School
Plans after High School - Purdue University, Majoring in Animal Sciences
Highest MIF - Juvenile
Highest Freeskate - Preliminary
Advice to New Skaters - Allow yourself to have fun every single time you step on the ice. If you
truly have fun with what you are doing, the good days come way more often.

Favorite Memory - I have so many favorite memories but the one that stands out the most is
skating at Headwaters for Winterval and seeing all of the little ones watching me and the way
they came up to me after and said that I was their favorite skater. Watching the little ones that I
have taught in Learn to Skate achieve their dreams is probably one of my favorite ongoing

Sparked Interest - I started on hockey skates and skated with my brother until we moved from
McMillen to Canlan, when I saw the figure skaters on the ice I told my mom that “I want to skate
pretty” so she put me in Learn to Skate and I haven't looked back since.

How Long - I started skating at 2 years old but I didn’t start competing until I was 6 years old.
Overall I’ve been skating for 15 years but I competed for 11 years.

Favorite Part - The freedom of being on the ice, the whole world seems to fade away when I’m
on the ice and I feel free of any homework or stress that I had that day.

Life Skill - Skating has taught me that no matter how many times you fall down, you have to
keep getting up and trying again. The harder you try, the closer you get to your goal. Once you
achieve that goal, you move on to the next and keep going.

Jillian Parrot_Edited Senior Photo.jpg
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