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Our Mission:

The mission of the Fort Wayne Ice Skating Club is to promote the sport of figure skating by providing opportunities for competitive and recreational skaters of all ages, abilities and means to expand their skills while developing a life-long love for the sport.   Come and skate with us!


What we do:

The Fort Wayne Ice Skating Club was incorporated in 1958 and has produced many national and international competitors through the years.  Our coaches provide all levels of off-ice and on-ice training programs and lessons for individual skaters, adult skaters, and pairs teams.

Annual events include: Battle of the Blades competition, USFS Test Sessions, Winterfest Event, Fantasy on Ice Show, Annual Banquet and Awards, send-off parties and other special events.

The Fort Wayne Ice Skating Club is a member of

Our Board of Directors


Please contact any of the officers at

President: Theresa Overy 

Vice President: Sara Uecker

Secretary: Kelly Parrot

Treasurer: Angela Zimmerman



Membership Chair: Chelsey Smith

Skate Safe: Jane Fransen             

Social Media: Zarifa Nazarov         

Figure Skating Director: Alena Lunin 

Shannon Strick

Rachel Bergman

Wayne Seybold

Angela Bolin

Anna Snodgrass

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